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SUMMIT’s objective is the promotion of EU studies by putting the European Council in an overall context of the institutional architecture of the Lisbon treaty. SUMMIT comprises several events on topics related to the European Council. In doing so, the project addresses several target groups of the academic world, the general public and the educational sector.

SUMMIT's Kick-Off Conference in Brussels brought together practioners and researchers. They defined the state of the art concerning the European Council and initiated new strains of debate.

A series of Roundtables enables a debate with academics and the public on a European Council topic in selected European cities. Each roundtable is organised in cooperation with a reputable local institution as multiplier of the project’s output and deliverables.

The last event of SUMMIT will be dedicated to the dissemination of the produced material, in particular the multilingual online quiz game and the online modules. The disemmination Conference will take place in Berlin on 16-17 January 2017.


Further information about the very topics and organizational issues of the events will constantly be updated.