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Project coordination

The project is coordinated by Prof Dr Wolfgang Wessels.

Professor Wolfgang Wessels

Professor Wessels is a leading expert on the European Council to which he has dedicated many of his research and teaching activities. His general priorities in teaching and research include the analysis and assessment of the developments of the EU polity, major features of the political system of the EU, the role of key players in the institutional architecture, conventional and newer theoretical approaches, Economic and Monetary Union, modes of governance, the enlargement process and the EU’s role in the international system.

He holds a Jean Monnet Chair for political science since 1994 and an “ad personam” Jean Monnet Chair since 2011. In 2015, he was conferred the University Award of the University of Cologne in the category "Research" for his outstanding academic achievements.

Project management

The project is managed by Johannes Müller Gómez (left) and Linda Dieke (right). They are supported by the project officer Marieke Eckhardt (middle).

Johannes Müller Gómez (project manager)

Johannes Müller Gémez has been a research associate at the Jean Monnet Chair of Prof Wessels since 2014. His research focuses on the EU’s institutional architecture, the European Parliament and the EU’s external action.

He studied Political Science, Latin American Studies and Energy Economics at the universities of Cologne, Montréal, Guadalajara and Liège as well as the Higher School of Economics Moscow. At the Jean Monnet Chair, he has worked as a project management assistant, project officer and project manager.

Linda Dieke (project manager)

Linda is a research associate at the Jean Monnet Chair of Prof Wessels and started as project manager for SUMMIT in October 2015. She worked at the chair since 2013 and supported the research project ‘Observatory of Parliaments after Lisbon’ (OPAL) as well as several textbooks and publications. She taught BA level students in tutorials on the political system of the European Union and has cooperated with the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) for which she produced online course material.

Linda studied Social Sciences and Political Science. Her research interests include the European Council, European Integration and research and technology policy.

Marieke Eckhardt (project officer)

Marieke has been a student research assistant at the Jean Monnet Chair of Prof Wessels since April 2015. She gained comprehensive experience in the support of teaching and taught BA level students in tutorials on the political system of the European Union. She has comprehensive experience in the support of project management from several apprenticeships and her work at the University of Osnabrück. Marieke studied European Studies and Modern History at the University of Osnabrück and has been a Master's student of Political Sciences at the University of Cologne. She has been a project assistant for SUMMIT since October 2015.